Go Green with Yutka Fence

Yutka Fence is concerned about the environment and we have taken steps to ensure our business practices and material selections for fences are as environmentally responsible as possible. Below you will find ways in which Yutka Fence and our suppliers are making beneficial decisions to help protect our environment:

  • Yutka Fence does not use treated wood and we do not recommend using it as a material for fences. Common preservatives in treated wood include chromated copper arsenate (CCA) and alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ.) Treated wood cannot be ground up for pet bedding or other products so the only optional disposal is a landfill. CCA has largely been discontinued for residential use because of the levels of arsenic it contains.
  • Wood scraps and old wood fences we remove are dropped off at a local recycler that grinds up the wood and uses it for animal bedding.
  • Pallets that we receive material shipments on are returned to our supplier to be reused.
  • Leftover vinyl material is sent back to our supplier to be ground up and used as regrind in their manufacturing process for other vinyl products they sell.
  • Leftover chain link, steel, and aluminum material is recycled.
  • Our steel supplier produces their fences from 100% domestic steel that contains up to 97% recycled content. One of the biggest advantages of recycling metal is that it can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties.
  • Our aluminum fence supplier uses recycled aluminium in their products, and their fence coating process is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free.